Finding “People” Account by Email Lookup

Sorry for re-opening a topic that went unresolved last year; needing a solution for this yet again.

I’m trying to build an employee table within Coda using an export from our HR software. Data import is fine, but the “name” column isn’t auto recognizing the Coda user so I’m having to manually update every employee to pull their user account into the record.

I do, however, have all their email addresses. Any way to have a people column formula find the right user based on the email address in another column?

Previous topic if there’s a better way to do this: Finding "People" Account by Email Lookup

All the users in the workgroup have access to this doc so they should all exist as users here.

if you build a User table [UserList] with a column of all the Users and a column of Email (i think the Doc Admin pack can do this automatically) - you can use something like the following formula:

Lookup(UserList, Email thisrow.Email).User 

Thanks, Billy! Is there a way to pull the list through a formula? Or is that something I’d have to do manually?

Take a look at the Doc Admin pack! There’s a synctable in there for all users

AMAZING. Billy to the rescue!

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Hi - is this the pack you’re talking about (that requires an Enterprise account)? I couldn’t find one called Doc Admin with user information.

Hey there! The Doc Explorer pack will do it

Maybe that’s what Billy meant?

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Hi @Scott_Collier-Weir , I was inspired by your reply to see if I can use the Doc Explorer pack to replace my manually created User tables.

I rely heavily on having one User table in each of my docs, with one row per user and the ability to then add as many columns as wish for user specific settings that I then use throughout the doc.
However, the Doc Access table of your pack syncs just an Email object that contains only the following four keys: email, type (always =‘email’), Access (‘read’, 'write), and PermissionId

There isn’t a coda “Person” object returned, and afaik Coda does not have natively a way to reverse lookup a Person object from their email.

Would it be possible to improve Doc Acess table to also return the Person object ?

PS: Your Doc Access table also seems to not return a row for doc’s Maker, and only return regular users.


Yes! All of this! I should have come back to update this thread that I submitted a formal request in the suggestion box as Coda let me know there was no current solution.

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Gimme a few days. I might be able to do this


@Sara_Jean_Kwapien and @Nad !

Happy to say the Doc Explorer packs Doc Access sync table now returns a People column!

Unfortunately though, the endpoint which the DocAccess sync tables access does not (oddly) include the owner of the document; so it will include everything/one that has access to the document aside from the owner itself


This fantastic result and such a quick turnaround, thank you Scott!

It’s a real shame that the owner cannot be included. The owner is almost always also a daily user of the doc and I need to provide settings columns for them. So this limitation renders the Sync table not fit for my purpose.

I am no Packs maker, but I wonder if you can use an additional endpoint, to return just the owner info and append it as a row to the sync table before returning it from the pack. This endpoint gives you the owner name and email: Coda API (v1) Reference Documentation

Yeah probably can. . . Good idea. Will try to get to it by end of week

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Whoa, Scott! Thank you for this! Anxious to see how the results of Nad’s suggestion work out. Much appreciated; this will really open a lot of doors for me!

@Nad and @Sara_Jean_Kwapien ask and you shall receive

Can you two do me a favor? I would love to know what features/workflows these enable for you in your docs. Knowing these examples more specifically helps me market/talk about my pack more effectively! If you could DM me or simply respond here with some details about

  • Why you needed this sync table
  • What workflows/features it unlocks
  • How crucial it was for your docs

That would be amazing!

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This felt like magic. Seriously, lol.

If it helps, Scott, I did fill out those answers in my Suggestion Box submission here: Coda Admin Pack - Workspace User List with People Column

Let me know if you’d like some more examples of use cases!


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