Access to Global Document People table (in packs-like manner)

There used to be a useful hidden formula to get all the people in a document.

It was useful for a few things, but it was bound to die at some point. What I would like to see is a packs-like table that automatically syncs to the people the doc is shared with and/or a workspace. And what would be really cool is to have the ability to augment the actual people table (rather than a synced version) to allow us to add attributes to people and access them anywhere that that person is mentioned, including in columns of type People.

For example, I might add a column to the table called “Role” and then I should be able to reference the values in that column via, for example, =@[Ryan Martens].Role"Director"

I can think of two use cases

  1. It would help simplify company directory docs.
  2. It would help simplify custom user filters.

Yeah, I run into this as well. Would be really cool to be able to create a /directory table that automatically created a row for each user in the doc. Or maybe (like you said) an external pack.