Sync-ed cross-doc table, "People" type column doesn't sync well

I have 1 “parent” docs and 3 “child” docs. My 3 child docs have cross-docs table, referring to a table in a parent docs. The source table has “People” column in it. Previously (until yesterday), it synced to tables referring to it perfectly.

But today, “People” column in my child docs are not sync-ed well. I can’t access users’ attribute. It only sync user’s name and email hyperlink. I can’t access “User.Email” anymore. I use “User.Email” to match the email with logged-in user “User().Email”. I can match “User” with “User().Name”, but the problem is, full name is not unique.

It shows an error like this:


I believe it’s a bug, or maybe it’s an update related to user’s privacy concern? Please help, thank you :slight_smile:

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I’m having the same issue! Keen to understand how to fix it

I have a similar issue on sync’d tables, the lookup references have disappeared in the last 12hrs (confirmed using version control). What was:


now sync’s across as:

And breaks a lot of filter formulas

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All — better contact Support about that via the support channel (the ? button in the bottom right of Coda)

Re users/mailto links — People column syncs as mailto links for some reason, and mailto links (copied email addresses) tend to resolve to People on receiving side sometimes. I already reported this bug to support.

cc @Thomas_Hils

Yep broke for me as well. Just messaged support

Should be fixed now, they say

This is broken again, it seems

Yes it is :frowning: gonna report this once again, while working on the workaround

Encountered this problem today as well, just for the record. Actually I encountered it two weeks ago, then it seemed to magically fix itself, and now my cross-doc-ed people are back to mailto links again. Will contact support.

Yeah the problem did come and go, so I gave up recently. I added “User.Email” and “User.Name” column at the source table and I changed all referencing formulas to refer to the new columns :confused:

Same problem here, encountered today, this is a very impacting issue for my docs !!