Where can I learn about structure and access

I’m trying to better understand the rules of publishing a doc or docs (if that matters)
I’m building a portal with different levels of access, and figure out how to hide show the pages (i’m not even sure if the term is pages?)
what can people see if they aren’t logged into Coda? and what can they if they are?
I’d be happy to get a explanation here, or a link to where I can read more about this,

HI Tomer,

If you are thinking authorisation level hide/show of pages, the answer is short - If a person has access to a doc, they have access to ALL of the doc.

A person cannot view anything in a doc unless they are signed in.

There are ways around the first topic - using separate docs for information that is available for public use, and populating those using crossdoc or webhook functionality.

This is an area where Coda is actively working to provide an improved solution.


Thanks for making that clear.

Could you please explain the logic behind workspaces too?
If I person is in a workspace, do they see all the docs in that workspace?
How do they join the workspace? is just being singed up to Coda enough?

Again if there’s a link that have all this, i’d love to go deeper

Hi @Tomer_Marshall :blush:

The Coda Help Center has quite some articles to get you started :blush:.
(They don’t necessarily go into deep details but I think they could answer some of your questions)

Here’s the one concerning workspaces:

If I remember correctly, it depends (as often with Coda :smile: ) where the docs are: If they’re in a private folder or not :blush:

No :blush:… But you can invite others to your workspace :blush:
(Beware though to the role you would give to the people you invite in your workspace or a specific folder :blush: (as some roles are paid but others are free))


thanks, I’ll try wrapping my head around this…

but before I do, do you know if anybody can pess this “here” and see the full table in the parent doc or is it showing it only to me?

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