Fetching the Canvas & format

it would be cool to also be able to get content of a canvas in the future. Especially when having long texts.

This is a long shot but it would also be cool to be able to get the text including formatting like bold, headlines… Maybe an additional parameter like „includeFormatting=true". Idk how the formatting could than look like, plain html or some kind of templating language.


I agree that this would be a cool feature. Honestly, it could be in any format. JSON, XML etc… The other elements (tables, images, controls etc…) could be reference/links

I think that CODA is a great platform for pulling together and maintaining complex content. Allowing for the extraction of the content, opens up the possibilities for leveraging the content in so many different ways.

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Good suggestion! Currently you can only refer to the canvas in the CONTENT form of the Gmail button menu (which allows you to e-mail the entire referenced section):

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Today I could have saved a few hours of work if this was an option.


I didn’t understand the tile first, but this is exactly what I need as well - programmatic access to fields data which has formatting in it. Or, to say it even more concretely - if a field has bold/italic text in it, currently the API will strip all formatting and just returns the characters - where as I would need to have the bold/italic represented somehow.

Markdown would be best.

My teammate made a lot of efforts on formatting a text field in documents with beautiful style like bold / underline and italic, and i as a developer eventually find out there no way to get text format via coda.io API, we are really want it badly!!

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