Fetching the Canvas & format


it would be cool to also be able to get content of a canvas in the future. Especially when having long texts.

This is a long shot but it would also be cool to be able to get the text including formatting like bold, headlines… Maybe an additional parameter like „includeFormatting=true". Idk how the formatting could than look like, plain html or some kind of templating language.

Access Section's content & Hide Section

I agree that this would be a cool feature. Honestly, it could be in any format. JSON, XML etc… The other elements (tables, images, controls etc…) could be reference/links

I think that CODA is a great platform for pulling together and maintaining complex content. Allowing for the extraction of the content, opens up the possibilities for leveraging the content in so many different ways.


Good suggestion! Currently you can only refer to the canvas in the CONTENT form of the Gmail button menu (which allows you to e-mail the entire referenced section):



Today I could have saved a few hours of work if this was an option.


I didn’t understand the tile first, but this is exactly what I need as well - programmatic access to fields data which has formatting in it. Or, to say it even more concretely - if a field has bold/italic text in it, currently the API will strip all formatting and just returns the characters - where as I would need to have the bold/italic represented somehow.

Markdown would be best.