Launched: Copy a page to a another doc

One snag I just encountered is when my doc contains both tables and sub-pages. As such, I am only being prompted with the “Include subpages” copy option, no options related to rows to include.

“Copy to doc” issue

If a page you copy to another document contains tables, you are being asked

  1. if you want to include subpages, and
  2. whether you want to copy the table rows or only the column headers.

If subpages of the copied page contain tables, you will be asked only if you want to include the subpages. The table rows of tables in the subpages are never copied to the target document.

Maybe this is by design, nevertheless it’s an issue. There should be an option to copy also the values of rows of tables from subpages.

And is it just a copy? The amazing feature will be if we can connect the copy to the original so that it updates automatically

Yes, it’s an independend copy.
At least you can synchronize tables across docs, using the cross-doc pack (synchronization is in one direction, values can only be edited in the source doc’s table).

Hi, I’m glad to share with you that this issue has been fixed.

Thanks for the report.

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@Jesus_Guzman which issue was that?

@Irfan_Khan This one.

Thank you, now it works as expected!
Now the values of all tables (on pages and subpages) are copied when selecting this setting in the dialog box, no matter on which pages there are tables. The dialog box lists the copied tables before confirming (“Rows to include”).


Wonderful, I have some copies that I can now do!

But… this just makes a copy of the data so you won’t ever get updates from the original to these copies. That really doesn’t help much unless you just decide to break a doc down into different docs. The issue of enabling different users to be restricted to different pages is still not resolved. Unless I’m misunderstanding this new feature.

How does one hide pages from certain users and restrict what can be done without using the very flawed Cross-Doc option?

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Can we please get the option to move a page to another doc, not just copy it? I understand I can copy and delete, but that is extra work and risks deleting the wrong original document. The option to move is basic functionality that is expected in any file management system (Quip, Notion, Google Docs, etc.).

Thank you!

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