Merge/Move Pages into other umbrella Docs

I have “Pages” I need to merge into other umbrella Docs. The only way to do it now is to copy/paste the whole thing.

Seems like important functionality.


While not exactly what you may be looking for, some options are duplicating the doc and deleting unrelated sections,

and using Crossdoc.

Definitely doesn’t solve for it. It’s like you built a filesystem where it’s impossible to move a file from one folder to another. Kind of broken. Is this even on your product roadmap?

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This is a very good analogy. I can imagine that from the beginning it was never intended to make the docs so big but rather a doc is like a Spreadsheet with some additional possibilities. And you have many of them. But now I guess many users and teams (including myself) have 1 doc with lots and lots of pages and tables. My suspicion is, that the whole doc data structure was never intended to be used on a page level.
I am missing this possibility too. It really discourages one to use more than even a few docs. I would already be happy if there was a possibility to export and import on a page level (with include/exclude sub-pages). And if there were references to other - not exported - pages, I could live with broken links.

Hello! This is now enabled via the feature update in this post: Launched: Copy a page to a another doc

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