How to move a page to another document?

How can I move a page to another document?


Ah, I figured it out.

  1. Open doc
  2. Click “…” on the right of the title
  3. Click “Copy doc”
  4. Delete the part you wanted to move from the original doc
  5. Delete the part you didn’t want to move to a new doc from the copied doc
  6. Rename the copied doc

Still doesn’t allow you to move content to an existing doc though.

Dear @Mati_Roy,

Have you tried to copy/past between documents.
In case you have tables that are related to each other have in mind to copy them all to keep the functionality.

I had a similar need, here is how I managed to copy table content between documents. I removed any grouping from the source table and selected all table rows. After that I could copy and paste the rows into my new document page.
All content and formats kept in the target table.

Tried the copy table option, but it seemed to have broken several columns in the copied table. I really wish there was a move page option, or merge document option.

Update: The failed columns seemed to be a reference to another table that I didn’t copy the first time round, as well as things that required the GitHub Pack to be reconnected in the new document. I tried again, this time using cmd+a, and it selected everything of the page, and then I just had to reconnect the GitHub Pack in the new document, and it worked fine.


This feature is absolutely necessary!


I want this feature too


I have some pages that don’t have important tables but multiple subpages. I wish I could just “move” the page to a different doc!


Yes --desperately want this feature!


This is really important for us to be able to re-organize our docs. For example, I started a massive number of pages on a product delivery in a team doc that we want to centralize in a different document, and the only way I can move it is to manually copy every…single…page.


Really need the feature to move a page and it’s subpages all together. I can’t believe this isn’t already implemented


Hi all! Wanted to point you to the new Copy a page to another doc functionality that was launched a few days ago. We’ve heard similar feedback from many makers and are hoping this feature will address the needs you’ve expressed in this thread!


Chiming in to support this need! I’m always trying to re-organize our docs to have things in the right place and copying the doc does not meet this need. This is especially true when a form has been created for a table (because the form stays connected to the original table).

Hey @Devin_Nash ,

Like @kristen mentioned 29 days ago: you can copy your pages to another doc now. Works really well.

Gr. Joost

Thanks Joost,

Unfortunately, copying the page isn’t a strong enough solution for this particular need, as the copied page does not copy the forms attached to tables. The ideal scenario would simply be to move the page just as you would move a google doc to a new folder.

Yeah, you are right about that. No idea if Coda can come with a solution for this type of use.

Dear @Devin_Nash, have you ever considered to have your forms in the cloud? (OneDrive, Dropbox)

Then when you have the links in your table and copy that page to another document will work, as the dependency of moving the actual files is taken away.

Interesting - I’m unaware of how you would create a connected form in the cloud - Zapier?

I’d think that as soon as you copied the doc (and as a result the table) the connection would drop. Would love to learn more though, if that’s not the case!

If you use a cloud form like jotform and connect or thru zapier (Tho I prefer Integromat) you can have the automation first search for the doc or table by name before it uses the Id, so that way it’s always going to find the right table.

It’s fragile though because if the name changes the integration breaks. I guess it’s just pick your poison

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