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I just wanted to add a few comments because this post asked some questions.

When it comes to sharing just a single page I did try cross-docs, but the problem is that you lose the connection to the main table so that updates are automatic. That is absolutely the thing I love the most about Coda is the ability to update data from different views of a table.

We have a doc where we have a main table with records. These records are then separated by each of our area offices. We have 6 different areas. Each area has a page which has been filtered to the records for their area. We want the main office to be able to have access (edit rights-not maker rights) to all of the area’s pages, but we only want individuals from each area to be able to see and edit data for their area. This of course would then be updated to the main table. We would also like to be able to have view-only rights for the sub pages as well as the main table page for those who need to see the data, but we don’t want them changing anything.

Im using coda to help a construction company get organized. I use coda to build proposals for customers and then the best way to share it with them is to add a send as email button. It works great but alot of the features and formatting gets lost in the email. Ideally if I could send a single page to a customer which allows them to view the content I put in, download some of the pictures, click the links and then even add a sentiment tracker that will update a database on my end would be ideal. I wouldnt want them to have access to links that go to my databases or be able to see anything else in my docs. essentially view only for anything included on that page.

Things like tables with pictures are sent far too small to be viewable. As well as tables just not looking as good as they do in coda. Im really hoping this feature gets added with the new editor. it is a badly needed!