How to share a view only page with customers


I just discovered there are is no way to share just a page with a customers, which is the simple features I tried coda type tools for.

The fact there is no easy way to do such a fondamental thing is beyond me. (Notion does it very easily)
Also feature that makes all people with email from the same provider as mine able to access my docs is baffling.

So, despite all I’ve read before, is there a way in 2023 to finally just share a view only page with a customer ?
(am not waiting for a futur potential update)
hidden page is a subscription feature only and am not paying juste to see if the tool might address my basic needs.
crossdoc seems cumbersome and loses ability to have the view updated.

If there are no way, am I then wrong to assume coda is a tool specialized to collaborative work within a team within the same society and definitely not a tool for people who just need to share simple document with clients ?

At this point, am wondering if going back to spreadsheets and pdf shared by email is not my best option.

Hi @john_doe :blush:

Maybe this survey would interest you :blush:

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