How do I share one page from a doc?

Right now, since we don’t have per-page sharing, every time I want to publicly share a single page I need to create a new doc.

Most notably, I use this when posting one-off hiring posts.

Hey, there! Thanks for bringing this up :smile:

We don’t currently support single-page sharing, but this is a popular request from our Makers! That said, I’d be happy to add your vote to our Request Tracker – the more votes we add the higher priority the request becomes.

That said, we have moved this post into the Suggestion Box for other members of the Community to chime in on this. We’ve gone ahead and tracked your vote for this feature formally.

Or seemingly so… :wink:

You’re probably not going to like this workaround, but here it goes anyway.

  • Don’t think about a page with content in the primary canvas; instead, consider a shared page as a place for dynamic content to be viewed.
  • Build all of the “pages” in a table using the canvas field.
  • Crossdoc the pages table to a single shared page.
  • Share specific URLs that show the table-based content in various ways such as a modal dialog display. Something like this - for example, could be a job posting.

But I agree - it would be nice to share just a page.

Thanks for this, I appreciate it.

This sort of makes sense, but would people be able to see the other pages as well just by clicking out of the modal?

Yes. This approach only provides relief for two of the many requirements a single page solution provides.

  1. A discrete URL puts the reader on your desired content.
  2. The ability to create discrete page content without actually creating a separate Coda document every time.

It’s not ideal by any stretch and I would love it if Coda would create two facets for single page sites.

  1. The ability to pass parameters in the URL that can be utilized by Packs and formulas to scope what visitors to that URL actually see.
  2. The ability to virtualize a page - i.e., a document that serves as a “published” template that can be hydrated with content objects dynamically.
  3. The ability to support the obvious general requirement of sharing a single page from a document collection containing many pages.
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