Launched: Progressive loading of docs

We’re grateful for all of your positive feedback on the number of updates we’ve made to reduce doc size, make docs load faster, and return calculations for your docs more quickly as well. But we’re not done improving on a core feature like performance.

We’re rolling out updates to how your docs load that enable you to begin working in them even faster. You may recall that we made some changes to how docs loaded last summer, and we’ve taken those improvements a step further. Now, we load the first page you open (even faster!), and then load the rest of your pages in the background.

By breaking up your doc into smaller chunks and loading priority content first, we’ve found that collaborators can orient themselves in a doc more quickly, and makers can get to making faster as well.

As a result of these changes, large docs now load about 60% faster!

As always, we’d love to hear from you about performance in Coda, and where we can focus are attention to give you the best and most performant doc experience on the web. Please keep the feedback coming via this form!


Dear @Tim_James

A small typo😉

Amazing delivery speed :heart_decoration:

Thanks for catching! We’ve fixed it. We’re moving so fast on performance that the occasional typo does slip into these announcement :wink:


Sorry - that second dose of the covid vaccine is hitting me still two days later. My apologies! Thanks for catching!


:pray: Thank you for prioritizing performance! Coda enables so much potential and performance is the only thing holding it back right now. Keep the updates coming :rocket:


That’s strange, I feel a bit slower than before. :thinking:

Hi Guilherme,

We rolled out the performance improvements to most docs a little while ago, so it’s unlikely to have affected your docs in the last few days. I looked at our dashboard to see if there were any systemic regressions, but I do not see any. Is it the time to load the first page that feels slower? And is it in all your docs?

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Hi Tim! Precisely, it’s the first page. Tried two different docs and both got slower on startup. It’s happening on web and mobile too. The other pages feels snappier indeed, but when I close and reopen Coda it takes more time to load the first page every time.

Before, it was so quick that I barely saw that loading animation, which is now more present:

Before, I got to this state much faster:

On mobile, for example, it’s taking around 6 seconds to load.

Awesome! Thanks for the great work @Tim_James and team!

Super nice! The first page now load super fast!!! :star_struck:
And also the others!

That’s becoming sad because i had a super cute “loading…” gif that will not be needed anymore in a while :joy: :blue_heart:

p.s. I’ve still got big loading time for what regards cross doc syncing :grin: :blush:

What browser are you using on desktop?

Microsoft Edge Chromium version. Updated. My desktop is Windows 10 and my phone is iOS 14.5

Hi Guilherme, sounds like this might be something somewhat unique to your situation. We’d be happy to dig in more, but you’ll get far better service if you go through our support team which you can reach by clicking the question mark at the lower right of your doc.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Upon seeing today’s email newsletter saying docs load faster, I couldn’t say I agree.

I feel that experience have degraded since around 2-3 weeks ago with a few particular tables I have.


Has anyone noticed speed decreases over the last week or so, particular last few days? One of my docs has been getting a lot slower to load over the last few days (still in the single digit seconds, but slower than before), and we haven’t made any drastic changes like new columns or formulas or even any significant new rows.