Embedded of coda in other pages failing

I am trying to embed a coda document in another page and every time I do it the page that has a lot of content jumps directly to the embedded coda document (which annoys the users).

I have already talked to them and they tell me that it is a coda problem. The permissions to embed in coda are already updated so that anyone can see it, but the problem is that the page goes directly to the board.

I appreciate the attention and support to correct it

Hi @Nicolas_Montoya1 ! Thanks so much for reaching out in the Community and sorry to hear you’re running into this issue. This sounds like it might be related to a known issue about accessing docs landing to a first page that we’re already monitoring. In order to be sure this is related to that same issue, would your mind sharing a screen recording to confirm the behavior you’re seeing.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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