How to preview attachments?

I’m considering using Coda for my work and personal knowledge management however, when I attached docx files and some pdf’s to a table preview dosent work. Am I doing something wrong? Unfortunately, no preview is a deal breaker for me!

It is going to depend on what access rights to that document you have. Below are two documents from my GDrive - one on the canvas, the other in a cell in the table. The one on the canvas has been permanently embedded, the second pops up when I hover my mouse.

(The docs are set to “available to the internet.” More restrictive settings on the source document will usually mean that you need to load the doc.

I can heartily recommend Coda as a PIM, I have tried TheBrain, Miro, OneNote, Notion, some others and finally settled on Coda. I have some things still in RoamResearch, but am considering to stop using that as well, I am currently trying out some ways to achieve similar results. One of the problems with RoamResearch is that it is difficult to provide structure. Coda has a better balance between flexibility and structure.

Especially once you discover the @ function.

Do some investigation, as more questions, people respond regularly and with strong information.