Cross-Doc Error: Object not Found! with Table in a Canvas Column

Hi Coda Community,

I’m running into an error with my Doc, where I have a large database that is cross-doc’d into this client-facing page. Within each row of this database, there is an embedded Table in a Canvas column that is showing up as ‘Object not found!’.

The ‘object’ is a singular table (no linked views), with 2 columns that holds a ‘Business Profile’ summary of information from a Client:
Column 1: Business Feature
Column 2: Description/Text

Admittedly this use of singular table template is purely for data organization and not to store a large amount of data-- think of the use of tables within a Word document to organize sections of text. We’ve tried just using the Canvas space but these fields are much better organized and digested/read in a 2-column table.

While I understand that Relations within a Table also needs to be Cross-doc’d to read properly, I’m unable to edit this Canvas field and this is the error I receive when trying to do so:
Screen Shot 2023-11-27 at 11.36.36 PM

I’ve taken a look through existing posts such as this one which references the template within a canvas column, but I’ve added the layer of the cross-doc syncing which I think is creating some complexity.

Does anyone have any experience with this issue or any solutions for how best to integrate a table within a canvas in a cross-doc setting?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi @Michelle_Chan ,

Sorry to hear about your troubles with cross doc. I am afraid I have to bring you bad news. The tables in the canvas column are not synced.

Other solutions like my pack (here) suffers from the same inconvenience.

As you may know many makers (including me) are waiting for stage 4 of the synced page logic. I copy paste the logic I wrote earlier:

coda defined 4 phases. They are working on phase 3 (so we are in phase 2).

  • phase 2: permissions in target & source doc are the same and you can view, not edit
  • phase 3: permissions in target & source doc are the same and you can view and edit
  • phase 4: permissions in target & source doc are not the same and you can view & edit

I repeat myself when I say that I would love to see makers as real makers only and editors as real editors and not as makers light (as it is today) which causes great trouble for most teams.

I assume that @Ayuba_Audu will provide us all with an update when they have a launch date for phase 3.

Cheers, Christiaan


Hi Christiaan, thank you so much for your thoughtful response! Incredibly helpful to get some insight into the development of cross-doc to help us plan for our internal processes going forward. Cheers!

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