"Object not found!" when using table in template row

I’m having trouble similar to this thread:

I have a table, and in that table (PARENT_TABLE) I have a row called TEMPLATE. This template row has a view (CHILD_VIEW) of the PARENT_TABLE that filters based on column values of the current row.

I have set the PARENT_TABLE so that new rows have the canvas column filled with the canvas value of TEMPLATE row. However, instead of seeing CHILD_VIEW in the canvas, I instead see 'Object not found!".

Am I missing something here?

Weirdly, attempting to copy-and-paste the table also results in the same 'Object not found!" error.

Has anyone else encountered this issue recently?

Hi @Peter_Gates,

Would you be able to share a repro doc with us so we can take a closer look at the issue? Thank you so much for your help!

Hey there! Yep, here is an example where I was able to replicate it.

I’ve set it up so that new rows should use the canvas cell from the TEMPLATE row, but when you add a new row, it just as ‘Object not found!’ instead.

@Dan_Demers did that page work for you?

Hey there! I’m still experiencing issues with this area. Is there anyone that has any ideas on how to resolve this?