Problem applying canvas template to new rows

Hi all,
I have a table that contains items which have several associated values on different dates. There is also a canvas for each row within which I’d like to show a line chart that graphs the values over time associated with that item. Within the canvas, I am able to list the relevant item values with Table.filter(Item=thisRow.Item).ItemValue and I can create a chart based on the underlying table which I can filter with the formula thisRow.Item=parentRow.Item . But, when I edit the canvas column and set the rest of the rows to this template using “value for new rows” → apply to blank rows, it breaks both the original canvas on the row that it was created on as well as all the previously blank rows. Specifically, first, the chart area says “Object not found!” on all the previously blank rows (but remains intact on the original row’s canvas) and second, all of the formulas within the canvas like Table.filter(Item=thisRow.Item).ItemValue (both original and blank rows) show “Object not found!”.

You can see the embedded doc below as well as an editable link. The table above is “pre” and the table2 below is “post”. Oddly, Table2 still had the issue with the chart being lost but the formulas stayed intact (whereas the formulas were lost on the original table).

This may be related to: How do I maintain a template for a "Value for New Row" canvas column that references items in the parent table?


Thanks for reaching out to let us know about this issue. This is related to a known bug the Coda team has identified and we’ve added your report to. That said, we have moved this post to the Suggestion Box: Bugs section of the Community and somebody from the Coda team will be following up with any updates on this issue. Thanks for hanging in there!

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