“Object not found!” when using table in template row

I originally posted on this thread, but realised that there’s in fact a proper bug section. Sorry!

I have a table, and in that table (PARENT_TABLE) I have a row called TEMPLATE. This template row has a view (CHILD_VIEW) of the PARENT_TABLE that filters based on column values of the current row.

I have set the PARENT_TABLE so that new rows have the canvas column filled with the canvas value of TEMPLATE row. However, instead of seeing CHILD_VIEW in the canvas, I instead see 'Object not found!".

Here is a demo that replicates the issue. Simply click the ‘+’ to add a new row, open it, and see the error.

Hi @Peter_Gates :blush: !

I don’t know if this is really a bug or something simply not supported :thinking:
(Maybe @Shaina_Torgerson would know this :smiling_face: )

I mean, it looks like you’re trying to nest a table within itself in some way by using a view of the parent/source table in the Notes canvas field as a template …

As views and source tables work together/mirror each other, when adding a row in the source table you also add a row in the view nested in the canvas column and used as a template … and each time you add a row to the source/parent table, each nested view in the canvas field will also have a new row added even if it’s not displayed (as you have a filter in place).

I don’t know if a Notes/Canvas field is actually that powerful yet :thinking:
I mean, this seems like a lot of work in one go for a canvas field …
From my point of view this looks like an exponential chaos :smile: .

The topic you linked in your original topic regarding this uses a template stored somewhere else in the doc :blush:

Which is what I did here in the sample you’ll find below. I think it reproduces what you were trying to do :innocent:

It’s just that instead of storing the template within the source/parent table, I created a new one row helper table called Template where there is just a text field used as display column and a notes/canvas field used to stored the filtered view of [Parent Table] which is then used as Value for new rows in the notes/canvas field of the table [Parent Table].

The filter I used for the view in the canvas field in Template is this one :

thisRow.[Parent Table].Contains(parentRow)

And seemed to be applied correctly on the views in the table [Parent Table] :blush: .

I made a little different sample table for your inspiration.
I don’t like templated tables in canvas columns, they are way to vulnerable and hard (if not impossible) to maintain.
Hit the edit button to see the children sub-table.

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Thanks @Pch and @joost_mineur! It seems I got something working using Pch’s method.

Here’s a weird bug for you though:
I can get everything set up how I want it, and adding a new row with the template canvas works 100%. However, the moment I modify the layout, when I next try to add a row using the button it throws and error… :thinking:

Either make a copy of Table Demo 2, or check out Table Demo 2 (Layout Edited) and try adding a row with the button to see the error.

The error in question: