Table row as page

Hi I’m coming to Coda from Notion and one thing I really need is for when a new row is added to a table, that row automatically becomes clickable and can be opened as a new page without me having to do any manual linking or additional work. I don’t see that functionality in Coda, am I missing something? That’s the only thing stopping me from switching.

I can’t have it just as a list of pages because I need to be able to filter that table database into smaller databases in different pages.


See this topic: Notes in a task

Namely, see this response that hints that this has been revealed at the Block Party: Notes in a task - #35 by steph

I can’t confirm whether or not this was something that was showcased as I did not attend.

HI Louca,

Yes, this was indeed announced earlier this month, and the functionality is available in beta. There were two changes to the canvas. One is the ability to have columns on the canvas.

The second, which you are referring to here, is the introduction of a column type “Page”. This column type provides all the functionality of a page on the canvas, e.g buttons, tables, etc.