Can I somehow link from one coda file to another

I have multiple coda documents with tables of different formats and want to create another coda file where I collect and refine this data for the marketing team. They work in multiple projects and should have an over view and not have to work with multiple docs (since this is the road to organisational hell).

Any hints?

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Dear @Stefan_Steinbauer,

Good to have you in the community, you will find here a rich source of information and active members able to support each other. Also the Codan’s take active part, so this is the right place to be.

At this moment it’s not (yet) possible to link between different Coda documents, but: :bulb:

The Copy/ Past funtion has been developed recently quite well , so you will be able to get everything in one doc and then where necessary build the relations.

Succes on your journey,

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I believe it’s also possible to set up Zapier to replicate data from a table in one Coda doc to a table in another Coda doc. It would take more configuration than is ideal (for example, I suspect you might need to update your Zaps when you add or reconfigure columns in either table), but it may work for you in some use cases.