Is it possible to create a document via formulas?

I want to create a new document from a template doc each time someone adds a row to a table, clicks a button, or changes a row “Status” column. I can work with either one of these scenarios.

I see it’s possible to create a doc via the Coda API and Zapier but can I do it using Coda formula(s)? I don’t see an option to do this in the formula list.

No, you cannot do that with formulas. Only through the API or Zapier/Integromat/etc.

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Hey Paul! Could you explain how this would be done with those options or point me in the direction of a resource that could help?

Already have a zapier account

You can make a zap that

  1. Reacts on a new row in a specific doc and table (trigger), and
  2. Copies the specified doc (action)

To trigger this scenario you need to add a row in your doc, then Zapier will pick it up during its regular check. This covers all of your trigger scenarios: you can listen on someone adding rows, or you can add rows to a helper table with a click of a button or with the use of Coda automation reacting on Status column changes. I’d personally go with the button one because only in this scenario you have control when the row is added and when it’s safe for Zapier to pick it up (vs directly reacting on someone adding the row, because it may be not fully set up yet at the moment when Zapier sees it)

Gotcha and this is limited to docs. and not sections?

Cloning — just docs, yeah.

There is a hidden formula for cloning a section, but I’m not sure it works (last time I tried I couldn’t figure it out)

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