Populating a table from outer source

I want to populate a proposal with the data from our CRM.
So every time I send a quote to a client a coda doc will be copied, populate the table of items, quantities and prices and let me continue working from there.

I tried to do that with Zapier, but the data of numerous items get inside one cell in a Coda table, so:
Name Qty Price
Item A 2 5$
Item B 4 3$
Item C 5 2$

Is turning into
Item A, Item B, Item C 2,4,5 5$,3$,2$

All in the same row.

Zapier behaviour with tables is usually different, and knows how to parse the data into number of rows.
See this for example, at Zoho connector:

Do you have any idea how to populate the table correctly?
I can do it with API, Zapier, or any other way you might think possible.