Showing Impacted Dates on Timelines (New & Old)

I’m currently working with timelines and have been able to create a view of what I need, but I’d like to add a layer that shows when dates are impacted within the same row to show the old date and the new one (ask came of wanting to see how delays are impacting projects).

Any suggestions for a way to show this with current Coda functionality without having to generate fully new versions of the same timelines?

Hi Amanda,

Welcome to the community!

Off the cuff :

  • How about a button that would duplicate the row, allowing the user to make changes as needed
  • With a Plan Version column that distinguish between original and proposed (And proposal 2 and proposal 3…)
  • You can then have as many different alternative versions as you need, you can filter on the versions that you would like to compare, and then play around with the Plan version column in the sorting to see which way works best for you.

Hope that will generate some ideas for you.

But it’s just a ramble,
Rambling Pete

Thanks for the brainstorm! I had hit on the duplication, but love the idea of a plan version column to help flip between versions and make it easier to understand! I’ll try that out and see how that works.