Improvements to the timeline view

Hi everyone,

As building professionals, we have a lot of projects going on at the same time that span many years and we would like to have a general overview of what’s going on. We use the Timeline view to do this but there are a few limitations (graphical and practical) that we would like to address for potential future updates :grin::

As you can see on the screenshot below, there is not a lot of contrast between every project (between every group). A thick line or something similar to the grouping in table view would be perfect to easily distinguish each group.
I also think that the contrast between group names and rows could be stronger.

There are also a few quality of life improvements that would make it a really amazing tool :

  • The view should automatically be centered around the today mark on opening
  • We should have an option to show columns on the left side to make it easier to edit a row
  • The title of short events should be displayed next to the event so we don’t have to put the cursor on it or show the left panel to see what it is
  • When you scroll horizontally, the title of an event should stay visible until you’re out of the date range (Notion does it well)
  • The graphism and level of information of the date ranges is not optimal and could be more precise. Notion does this quite well. In the Notion example below, you see the months and below the week days and the weekends are in another color. Very precise and easy to understand.
  • It should be easier to add a new row directly into the timeline view (again, notion does it really well)

Sorry for all the notion references, I’m quitting it for Coda but it still has some great features that could make Coda even better.

I hope I was clear enough




Here’s the Notion screenshot missing in the post that show how the date ranges are graphically handled :

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Strong upvote for these - they don’t seem like they’d be very difficult to implement and they’d make a big difference to the practicality of using the timeline (gantt chart) view

@BenLee - any comments from your side as to likelihood!?

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