I need a better Gantt chart coda!

Hi All,

I am going to vent here for a second - as this issue must be readily experienced. Before this rant - Coda is awesome and its my #1 tool for almost everything.

I think I would actually be less offended if you just didn’t have that timeline view as an option. It’s been soo bad for soo long without any changes. Now, are there a billion workarounds to this ? of-course - but no one should ever have to do a workaround to get a readable gantt chart with a program as good as coda.

As much as I love coda - I want to jump off a bridge every time I have to look at the timeline view. It almost perfectly and intentionally does the opposite of what a gantt chart is supposed to do. I will concede that if one only had like 5 tasks and 4 dependencies - sure this gantt chart is great .

Please for the love of god - take this iteration of the timeline view behind the barn and put it out of its misery. I am aware I haven’t provided any specifics as to my distain of this view. this is because I hold these truths of the timeline view to be self-evident.

Can someone at-least tell me that this is being worked on behind the scenes and a new timeline view is coming out? even if you have to lie to me.

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I’ll add my specific requests to the topic:

  1. Let me grab the boundary of a timeline view and manually make it wider. This will let me adjust the chart to see everything I need to see in the moment. Just like we can grab the boundary between the row titles and timeline bars.
  2. There is some weird in-fighting between the page width setting, the timeline view width setting, the width settings of all the timeline view axis settings (auto/month/week/etc) and grouping/filters that make the width of the timeline unreliable. It almost always displays at the narrowest width no matter what settings are applied unless I have “week” selected as the axis value which extends the width to three or four screen widths which I find unusable.
  3. Let me sort the rows by start date even though I’ve got the table grouped by one or more columns. It doesn’t seem to work currently if you group one or more columns and this is important in a timeline view.
  4. Add labeling of start and end dates next to the timeline bar. It is nice that it they appear when you hover over the bar, but it would be better if there was an option to leave them there all the time

Like Ryan said, Inuse Coda for very important work, and I’d really like to have a better timeline view experience.

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Thanks for sharing your feedback on Coda’s Timeline. We’re undergoing a research effort and are collecting feedback in this survey to prioritize work.

Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts!