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Hi All,
I hope that I am not putting anyone off by posting again… I posted a topic a few months ago which got a few likes but no discussion, but this is a big enough topic to warrant another go.

And to make it simpler, I’ll ignore the calendar for now (which is seriously in need of massive overhaul) and just look at timeline.

The single missing feature that makes the timeline unusable to show a bunch of OTHER data (other than normal gantt style use) is putting more than one piece of data on a line.

Showing bookings for each worker - each worker has a line, and its divided into 30 min segments. Or for booking rooms in doctors office or music school or…

Or for putting multiple project mile stones on a single line so they’re easily seen (and you can see all the companies project milestones at once)
None of these things work when you only have one piece of data showing per line.

@Paul_Danyliuk made a doc where he turned a table into display - which is a serious hack / work around… and provides some of the use cases a way to interact with the data, but its not ideal, and is a lot of work to get displaying well. (especially for zooming in / out). Going to that effort just shows that others will use this feature loads.

In the mean time, does anyone else hook into any external systems (and embed them in the page) to be able to do this so the info is actually still inside coda? Its a major pain to have to display the info using third party software in another tab. I’d love to hear any solutions.

And for others interested, some further discussion from some months back is here :slight_smile: Dates, calendars, timelines

Cheers. Brendan.

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Your previous post fell on an unfortunate date :man_shrugging:

My next way to solve custom chart plotting would be either:

  • an integration of Coda <-> ObservableHQ, or

  • a full HighCharts library pack with all the customization it supports

No time to tend to this now but I keep the latter idea in the back of my mind.

Take a look at the Itsy pack. It basically allows hosting custom HTML in Coda. And unlike my SVG hacks, those HTML widgets are interactive because they are served through an embed, not an image tag.


Hi @Brendan_Woithe :blush: ,

I’m just here to say that there’s currently a survey which could interest you as it concerns the Timeline/Gantt display :point_down: :wink:


Have replied. :slight_smile:
There’s also a lot of crossover that needs to be able to take place between timeline and calendar.
For instance, its SUPER useful to be able to visualise data both in a well thought out calendar view, AND a well thought out timeline view as below.


Here’s another thought…
I wonder what it would take to implement a system by which we setup an instance of fullcalendar as a web app, and then figure out two way sync back to coda…
(Perhaps even looking into using cloakist along the way)

Having had a quick look at the fullcalendar implementation, it has all the features required to operate full featured calendar and timeline based systems. Indeed, I’d encourage the team @coda to look closely at what they’ve done when considering future implementations / updates of the current coda feature set.


Am I right that itsy could perhaps allow one to embed something like the javascript calendar fullcalendar.io?!? Hm… (or is that just too complex for what itsy is designed to do?)

Calling devs who might know more about this. I’d be interested to know how much effort it might take.

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