Timeline view (to do a better job than calendar...)

Hey all,
We use coda as a complete project management solution for our small studios. 5 people + freelancers, but we have some work coming up which means we will have more people.
There are also more and more “dependancies” coming into our jobs, which makes planning things using the calendar view difficult.

To my mind calendar view is the single most frustrating part of coda.
It doesn’t allow one to show details in the same way that a google cal (or other software) does. We have got around it by using various emoji and symbols, but its not great.

Our use case is very similar to the software called farmerswife. Its old school apple filemaker pro based, and looks it. Most people in our industry use that, but to me it has a bunch of things in it which show how things USED to be, not how things are now / moving towards. Thus, we settled on coda.

I’m gearing up to write a V2 of our database, now knowing tonnes more than I did 18 months ago. @Paul_Danyliuk 's tips and tricks have taught me tonnes, especially for using databases within a business where the data integrity is important.

To my question. (Sorry for rambling)

I’ve just had another quick look at timeline view.
I’m wondering if there is any way to improve things to open up its use a little.
IE : 1. Multiple date ranges on a single line. Not traditional gantt use - but super good for “bookings”
2. ability to use the timeline effectively down to the 15min mark. At the moment, it seems stuck on DAYS! This rules out its use for bookings.
I’ve attached a screenshot showing how farmers wife uses a cross between timeline and cal to show TONNES of detail. We don’t need to go this far, but we need lots more than the current cal offers us.

Can anyone offer any suggestions?

Or - if this isn’t something for coda - is there something we could hook into CODA (as the rest of the use… budgets, project info, briefs, company wiki etc etc) work great. Or perhaps does anyone know of a more modern version of farmerswife (by chance?)

Many thanks.

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