Linked Select lists

Hi all

I’m not going to keep on saying I love Coda as I don’t want them getting a big head, but I do lol

I’ve created a table with linked select lists but I want to idiot proof it.

I have a table like so

Car | Ford | Fiesta
Car | Ford | Galaxy
Car | Vauxhall | Corsa
Van | Suzuki | CarryVan
Van | Renault | Traffic

I have my select lists working correctly so that If I select Car, only Ford and Vauxhall will show, If i then select Ford then only Fiesta and Galaxy will show. So far so good.

Now, if someone changes from Car to Van, my previous selections will stay in place, is there a way to reset them so every time I change a previous selection, any selections after will erase?


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I have the exact same question, did you ever figure out an answer for this?

Yeah, I decided to use something other than coda.

Something like this?


This isn’t possible at the moment. The idea makes sense, and there might be a workaround using an automation, but I think there might be enough of a delay that it’s still easier to clear the selections yourself.

I think the best solution and easiest to implement would be adding a button that clears the selections. Something like a “Start Over” button so you don’t have to clear each selection individually. This would still keep everything user-friendly and completely drivable with mouse-only use.

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