Is there a way to reset a selector in the canva document to Blank value?

Hi Codans,
I have 3 dependent single select that filter certains task associated to a selected project or a particular selected domain:

As I am having a fast growing task and projects list, I have tried to setup a button that will change all the three different named selector to a Blank state (that is usually on the top of the list of values) because I wanted to avoid every time to scroll down on hundreds of lines and choose Blank to reset filters every time I finish.

Also I have tried to change the sort ascending/descending but the Blank value is always put at the bottom of the list.

Do you have any suggestion?

Hi there @GiacomoPasini :blush:

Sadly, without using a one row utility/helper table (and hiding everything around so it still kind of looks like canvas select control), I don’t think it’s actually doable .

There’s not much a button on the canvas can do alone as practically all the button formulas imply tables or rows :confused: .

In my very small (and probably too simple compared to your setup) sample bellow, I made the select lists dependant from one another too :blush: (see Selectable items formulas).
I just left the headers of the fields but they can be hidden too :blush: .

After that, you’ll still need to find a way, to filter your table using this new utility table (which will probably complicate things a little bit though, depending on your setup)

In my sample, I just filter the table using the Select 1 with this formula :

thisRow.[Select 1]=[Table 14].[Select 1]

I hope this helps :blush: .

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@Pch I see your point, maybe the solution will be setting up a specif table to embed to check against the filters I need: It will have just one row, with every filter set up formula in every column

The top down structure I am using won’t be possible but at least i try to program buttons to clear the selected value (if possible)

The use I am planning is a filtered search that will find any note filled in task that meets certain criteria so If the task is deep down a multi layered project I don’t have to worry to navigate through the project folder structure: maybe I remember that it’s related to a project, or th task name is fresh in my mind and i can directly go to it without filtering for projects and domain. Maybe I Just remember only the domain, personal for i.e. and then i want to check all the personal projects, and then select the task of the selected project,

The whole idea it’s actualization of notes of a task after a meeting or a brain storm. I can then select the still relevant notes, pass it to a table where i can add new ones or edit the selected in a more clarified way, than with a push of the button automatically update the filed Notes in the task still selected on the main filter above.

The need to get back to a clear state of all selection filters is to automatically start fresh cleaning all fields with just a single push of a button. There is a ton of automation available in Coda to tap into.

Thank you, @Pch actually using your suggestion I was able to solve the issue and overpower my section!
A Table is always the right answer in Coda, even for 2 columns. They are the more reliable and expandable in fueture in the long term.
This is for the sake of the example the final layout of my BlocNotes updater:


@GiacomoPasini : I’m very very glad to know you found a solution to make it all work :grin: !

And thank you very much for this wonderfully good looking example :+1: :grin: !