CLEAR ALL filters button

Hi, I am wondering if it is possible to create a button to clear all filters from table?


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I’m sure a button could be used. I use check boxes. Here’s an example:

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Someone found a solution?
Becouse i have also this problem. I have few filters and want them to reset with button.

My filter works little bit wierd becouse when i choose a value from select list, after clikcing it again i see only the selected value and value “Blank”. Is it possible with button select that “Blank” value ?
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Hi @PSES_Inc,

I have a doc in which I use a table to provide the filter values. This makes it possible and quite simple to implement a button that resets the values (using the ModifyRows action of the button). See the “↻” button here -

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+1 for a suggested solution that uses a simple Button control to reset all of the Interactive Filters so that the table they are filtering is no longer filtered.

It seems straightforward… use a button control that when clicked updates a set of filter controls (referenced by their names) to some value that represents “Blank”.

For me, the missing link is just clarity on how to update multiple filter controls and what value to set them to to represent a “reset”.

Thanks in advance!