Way to select all for multi select controls

I use a couple of Multi-select controls that I want to be able to “reset” so that they are all selected when someone is done filtering down with these controls.

My use case is that I have a DB and a multi select control for each column. The user can filter the DB down with these controls. Once they are done, they may want to reset and start over. Right now, they have to go back to each filter and manually “select all” for each filter. This is fine if there are only one or two multi select filters, but isn’t scalable.

This idea could be pushed further.
I also would like to initialize some controls. There might be some ways to do this already but thinking of it, I don’t see how.
But the best would be the ability to add controls as targets in Buttons. This would be awesome.
Could you post this topic in the suggestion thread please?

Or even from other controls. I found another way to do it, but I recently wanted to set a multiselect option when I checked a checkbox on another section. Seems a bit weird, but having that kind of targeting and being able to set state of a control would be pretty powerful :slight_smile:

I also use select controls to filter tables like a search function and would like to find a way to reset them.

I actually like that they stay in place if I leave the section, but I want to just easily press some kind of reset button when I want to start over.