Any way to clear selection control component with a button

I want to clear the selection of a select control component with a button.
Is this possible?

I have selected 3 items, which is filtered from a table. These three items updates another table, and I do acitons on them.
But when Im done with the 3 items and want to clear out, how can I do this with a button?

What do you mean by a “Select control component” ?

Do you just wish to clear what you selected with your select list ?

I want to clear this select control component

It is a component made by coda, and added through + -> Controll -> Select/Multiple select
Hence the name.

How can I clear this with a button/formula/automation?

I sadly think this is not doable with a control on the canva :confused: .

But what you could do, is create a mini table with a multi-select list and a button Clear like this :

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Thanks for that clarification and help.
It lead me to a solution that works. Just hide everything around
But it is really strange that we dont have actions on these control components though🤔

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