Button to "Select All" on interactive filter and Select List?


I have figured out how to make a button choose “None” on an interactive filter and Select List ( “” ) but I am wondering if there is a way to make a button choose “Select All”…I have tried lots of things with no success; I am hoping I don’t have to create a long formula that includes every option in the Select List!

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Thank you!


I figured it out. Unless someone knows a better way, I am able to “Select All” with a button by using this syntax and including every option on the list:

SetControlValue([Select Tagged Assessment], “Best,Better,”)

The two commas as the end is to include “blank”.


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Hi @Gregg_Stebben,
your solution woks perfectly.

Just as a side consideration, think about having the items of the select list as a separate table.

This way you always have a consistency whenever a changes in the list should occur.
Otherwise you have to change both the select list and the control value action every time.

So, if you have a List Items table with Best and Better values, your Select Tagged Assessment will simply be:
List Items
and your button control, coherently:
SetControlValue([Select Tagged Assessment], List Items)

It might not be this case, but it’s a good approach to keep consistence in similar contexts.



Hi, @Federico.Stefanato …Thank you for this! I kind of figured making the list a table would have benefits like this…but I hadn’t explored it. Thanks to you, know I know how to do it!

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