How to use a button to "Select All"

Hi, I need help editing my formula so that I reset my filters back to “Select all” for my dropdowns.

Here’s my UI:

Here’s what I have currently:
RunActions(SetControlValue([Filter by Category - Vendor Directory], [Tech Stack Categories].ListCombine()),SetControlValue([Filter by Subcategory – Vendor Directory],Subcategory.ListCombine()),SetControlValue([Search by Company – Vendor Directory],""))

This only selects all the filled in options but doesn’t select the “Blank” options. How can I do a proper “Select all” or make sure my SetControlValue adds in a “Blank” as well?

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Hey there! Thanks for reaching out to the community. It looks like something is off here, so we’re investigating on our end. I’ll reach back out when there’s an update!

Hi @buildinginla,

I’ve gone about this a little different, but in a way that does work. You usually want to reference the table with all of your options when you’re adding the list of all of your options. But you can use a select list and use a formula that references the column in the main table and uses all Unique() value as your options. This means that you only offer the options to choose that have data available. When you do this, if there are any rows with a blank value for that column, there will also be a blank option.

There is a catch. When you reference a core or main table in Coda in a formula, we consider all rows in the calculation, but when you reference a view in a formula, we only consider the rows displayed in the calculation. So if you use a view in your filter formula, once the table filters to those options, those will then be the only options to choose from. So you want to make sure you reference the core table so all options in the table are always available as options.

Here’s an example with a button that sets all options for the control, including blank.


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