Button Action to Set Interactive Filters?

From my research here in the forum, it looks like this is not possible, but I wanted to confirm in case I missed something.

I have several interactive filters on a table, and I want to be able to reset them all to the same value via button action. Filtered table looks like this:

I would like to reset both filters to “All” via button action:

Here is actual doc to view formulas – obviously the “Reset Filters” button formula does not work as is:

Hi @Chris_Woehrle,

unfortunately, it’s not possible to change the value of a control externally.


You can “simulate” your control with a table.
Check out this simplified example:

This offers also a great advantage: if you add a User column in the Filters table you can have different filters per different user.

Let me know if it helps.

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Thanks for this, @Federico_Stefanato - much appreciated!

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