Better way to clear select lists?

Using a bunch of select lists as controls in my sections, to build out input forms, so use can select values from the list, and then click the button, and a new row is added that contains the values in the select controls.

After they click the button, I can’t find any way to “clear” some of those select lists, so the input form is reset. Any ideas? Any way to allow a button to have a secondary action so I can do this with an expression?

Second related question…the only way for a user to clear a select list is by selecting “blank” which is all the way at the bottom of the list. Very unintuitive for long lists, to have to scroll all the way down.
Can the “blank” option be added at the top, or better yet, add an “x” icon to the select list drop down, which when clicked by the user, will clear the select list?


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@Joel_Szwarga @mallika

I thought this also, and just double-checked myself for accuracy. I found that:

  1. In a multi-select CONTROL, the list can be toggled between “All selected” and “None selected” by selecting/de-selecting “Select All.” This was never clear to me, so I haven’t been using it, but I will now :+1:.

a) The list option could be tweaked from “Select All” to read “Select All/None”. This would make the all/none toggling functionality more obvious.

  1. In a multi-select COLUMN, neither “Select All” nor “Blank” are available as options. To “Select None” I have been using the Delete key on the cell.

b) The “Select All/None” option could also be included in multi-select column list options.

  1. The “Blank” option.

c) +1 on moving “Blank” to the top of the list.

d) In general, anytime application default options (“Create New”, “Select All”, “Blank”, etc) exist in dropdown lists, it would optimize UX to place them at the top of the list where the user is certain to see them. (It took me forever to figure out that “Create New” even existed because my dropdown lists were so long, and it never occurred to me to scroll to the very end of the list in order to add a new object. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Hope this is useful!! :smiley:

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You can do it by using a table as Input Form, then use multiple buttons or automation to submit and clear.

Try clicking “Submit” below!