Button to unselect Blank from multi select list

As you know when you have the multiselect list - the list would also include blank in them. However this blank thing make some error to my formula and thus i need to remove it out.

But to remove it , i don’t want to use the selection pick . i want to use a button to modify it.

I have tryting to figure out a button to modify multiselect list where as the BLANK selection is to be remove from the list.

Anyone could help?

This post/solution should give you some inspiration @Korn_Tris

You can set Value for new rows that will automatically set a certain value when a new colum is selected. This way you will avoid setting empty value by mistake. You will still be able to remove any value from the cell. You can then also create a button that will filter all rows with empty value, and modify them to have some other value.
Besides that, you can modify your formula to behave differently if the value is blank.

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