Check if Canvas Multiselect list contains 'Blank'

Hi team,

Quick Question
Does anyone know how to detect if ‘Blank’ is selected in a multiselect drop down?

I have a multiselect drop down that I use for filtering and some fancy formulas.
It is useful to be able to filter items that are ‘Blank’ so I have turned this option on.

However, there does not appear to be anyway to tell by formula if the mutliselect drop down ‘Contains’ blank.
For example:

MultiSelect = []
MultiSelect.ToText() = ""
MultiSelect.count() = 0

This is should be different then if no value is selected at all.

MultiSelect = []
MultiSelect.ToText() = ""
MultiSelect.count() = 0

Hi @Logan_Krantz

Can you share a dummy doc?

Otherwise please check the doc below and let me know if it it was you wanted.


Hi Christian,
Wow, thats it! It was so simple!

  [multiple select 1].Contains(""),
  "Blank is selected",

  [multiple select 1].IsBlank(),
  "Is empty",

  "Not empty"

Also if anyone else comes across this post I reaslised the .CountAll() function is also very useful. E.g.

MultiSelect.Count() = 0      // Counts non blank values
MultiSelect.CountAll() = 1   // Counts all values including blank
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