How do I match "Blank" in a control with my filtered content?


I have a table of restaurants with a multselect column for types of cuisine. I then have a multiselect control with the content set to “[Places to Eat].[Type of Food]”. The filter in my table is “thisRow.[Type of Food].Matches(foodTypeFilter)”.
The problem I am having is that rows with blank entries are not shown even though I have “All” selected, or even if I specifically select “blank”. I have no way to see them without deleting the filter. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?
This has been tested on the web and Android app. I have no other filters on the table.


I’ve just tried: “(foodTypeFilter.Contains(”") && thisRow.[Type of Food].IsBlank()) || thisRow.[Type of Food].Matches(foodTypeFilter)" as the filter and this works, but surely Matches alone should work.


Hi @matthew_hussey - Matches should work. Do you mind sharing the doc here or with so I can see what is going on?


Does this work?