Choosing "Blank" on Control breaks formula

Hello! I am trying to create a formula to filter based off of a table control dropdown. If the user chooses to not use one of the drop downs, I would like to still apply the other controls to the filter. However, since I am using an attribute of the control, the formula is breaking even with a isNotBlank check. In programming, this block of code would normally be ignored - how can I get around this in Coda?

If([Filter: Epic].IsNotBlank(),[Filter: Epic].[Epic ID] =thisRow.Issue.EpicLink,True )

The doc keeps breaking on the Epic.Epic Id if the control is set to “Blank”, even though I feel like it should skip over the True block.

Hey @Prakhar_Garg ,

what about

[Filter: Epic].[Epic ID] =thisRow.Issue.EpicLink OR [Filter: Epic].IsBlank()

for your filter formula?

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Thank you! This worked!

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