Button that filters a table because of a blank field


I want to create a button “Show only the lines in the table where description is blank” for quality control of a list which after pressing only shows the entries where description is empty or after pressing again shows all entries.

How can i do this? I checked multiple ressources, but did not get how to do it.

Thx for your support

hi @Erich_Althaus ,

It is an understandable problem and there are multiple ways to tackle it. You can use a conditional format to color the rows with a blank cell, see below:

you can also write a canvas formula showing you the blank rows:

You can use a control (not a button) like this:

and if you put it on checked, this is what you see:

It is not as intuitive as one might expect I have to admit. I was at first puzzled by the logic that a function did not work until the control value matched the output of the function behind the checkbox.

The steps:

  1. create a checkbox column
  2. put the function with IsBlank()
  3. create an interactive filter

Hope it helps. Cheers, Christiaan

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