How can I filter a select list for all yet unchoosen items?

Hi coda-experts,

often I use a table as a select list. If I klick into the select field, coda shows me all entries in the table for select.

Now I’d like to see only items which are not yet choosen before. So it prevents doubled entries.

I tried it with the following filter:


A pro like you see it doesn’t work. Can you help me to do it better?

Thanks a lot and kind regards

hi @Franko_Hoffmann-Samaga , welcome back to the community, it has been a while.

I believe this question has been answered before a few times, anyway here we go:

go to the lookup column, go to option settings and custom filter like below:

in my example (employees) I don’t need it, but in case I would like to apply the logic it would go like this and you replace the name of my column (employees) with yours and it works.

In coda everything is a list and the filter you access via options defines which items in the list you want to see, in our all case the currentvalue (the item) can contain all items but not the already used ones thisTable.columnName

More info on related matters in my blog:

Enjoy, cheers, Christiaan


Hi Christiaan,

thank you so much (for repeating this solution again and again as well). It would never have occurred to me to use CurrentValue for this. I tryed a lot and used the search of course. Sometimes its so simple when you got a hint.

Have a nice day and best regards

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