Select list in the second row to be unique from first row

Hello . I have A table for students and i have B table for class. Now in table B i have a column with multi select student list from table A.

What i want is that if the students name are already selected in first row, I want it to be unique and cannot be select in second row .

Any formula to filter this

Hi @Korn_Tris

If I understand well, you don’t want to be able to select a student twice, > if a student is already in Test Class 1, you dont want to have it in Test Class 2, right ?

If Yes :slight_smile:

  • Start to check if a people is already in a test class with this formula. If coda detect your students once in the test class list, the checkbox qill go to “true”
  • Then, custom filter your lookup (in option settings) in class table, you only want people that are not already in a class > witch checkbox “already in a class” not true

  • There you go, you will have only “available” people for new class test



hi @Quentin_Morel , @Korn_Tris

you might also want to consider this in the LookUp Option

currentvalue. Contains(BibleStudyClass.StudentSelection).Not()

cheers, Christiaan

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what do you mean by lookup option? if it’s LOOKUP then it’s not select list

Hey @Korn_Tris

@Christiaan_Huizer meens in the option settings here, that will filter your lookup value. With his formula, you will only have available people. Different (more elegant) solution than mine, but same results !

Right there

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