How to create a menu for a website?

I have no freaking clue how to do it and I’m stressed…like the menu where it will say Home, Blog, Contact & Support, Thank You Page and it will have a logo on it…I’ve been stuck on this for days…

Hi @MikaelaPlays,
I didn’t actually catch the question. Could you be more detailed in your request?


Whenever you go to a website it will have a menu bar with a logo, saying Home, Contact, et cetra, with a search bar. I don’t know how to do it…

I have the feeling you are posting in the wrong place. :thinking::grimacing: is not a website builder, nor primarily oriented on that.
You could rely on it for its content, perhaps (you can pick some useful examples here: ).

Are you sure you are using Coda at all…?

this is obviously not on topic for Coda Forums,
however to answer the question:
<ul id=“menuList”>
<li id=“home” href=“index.html”>HOME</li>
<li id=“blog” href=“blog.html”>BLOG</li>
<li id=“contact” href=“contact.html”>Contact & Support</li>
<li id=“thanks” href=“thankyou.html”>Thank You</li>

this is just a basic setup for a menu, you could use the id’s to add some special css for :hover, pointer=cursor, etc…

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For the sake of it :upside_down_face:


hey paul! maybe you can help me with my question as well???

Hey Federico! Maybe you can help me too??? I’d appreciate it!


Ok, starting from now - thanks to @Paul_Danyliuk - Coda is ALSO a site builder! :smile:

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Thank you to everyone who responded! I figured it out! Thank you so much!