Launched: GitLab Pack

When we launched packs in 2018, one of our very first packs was the Github Pack. Since then, you’ve let us know that a similar pack for GitLab would be helpful, too.

Today’s the day: We’ve launched the GitLab Pack for Coda!

Now, you can use the Gitlab Pack to manage merge requests, track issues, review commits and keep an eye on projects. You can access the Pack right within your docs via two options:

  1. Type /gitlab anywhere on a page
  2. Open the Explore panel, and search for gitlab

Once you authenticate, you can add GitLab columns to your tables, or use pre-configured packs tables. And remember, Coda supports a number of other integrations, so you can do things like push a button to notify your team of a completed task with the Merge Request details, or automatically add the due date to resolve an Issue to the assignees Google Calendar.

You can also use Coda’s formula language to automate or manage your GitLab data in a table. Simply visit and scroll down to Pack Formulas > GitLab in the left hand menu. Prefer a running start? Check out this template from our Doc Gallery!

If you’re familiar with GitHub and plan on giving the GitLab Pack a try, please remember that the two platforms use slightly different names for similar things. For example, “Pull Requests” in GitHub are “Merge Requests in GitLab, and GitHub’s “Repos” are called “Projects” in GitLab.

We can’t wait to see how you use the GitLab Pack and other Coda building blocks to help your team ship faster, and better!