Launched: Internal doc and page-level analytics for enterprise teams

“Is anyone actually using this?” You’ll never have to wonder again. Publishing stats now unmasks how often your team is engaging with your internal docs, down to the page.

With this update, enterprise teams can see how often internal docs are being accessed and how popular individual pages are with their teammates. Here are three ways you can use this update across your team:

  • Measure engagement. You can take your team’s word that they read your proposal. And now, you can confirm that they’ve seen and engaged with your internal doc.
  • Drill down to page-level stats. Instead of seeing topline doc analytics, you can see page by page engagement stats. Perfect for teams who store writeups and trackers inside their larger team hub.
  • See the big picture. Get a birds-eye view of how your organization is using Coda. Admins can use this to make better decisions around tooling and spend.

Sweet transparency!



For someone that mainly uses Coda for internal business “apps”, this kind of telemetry is a big help in iterating on the UX


Wow! Great feature!
Is there any plan to roll that functionality to other plans, like Teams?

Besides Enterprise, I believe there are other use cases where analytics features would be valuable.

Take my case as an example. I use Coda at a non-profit organization, and to support engagement strategies would be super valuable to understand how the team members access the docs.

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Nuts yeah, just noticed Enterprise-only :disappointed:

Ye would be cool to have those stats on Team level sub also :roll_eyes: :innocent:


Yes yes! I would love this for our teams account.

Nice function, but enterprise is not appropriate for small business use.

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Really cool feature! But it should also be enabled for teams subscriptions.

What you track is what you manage :slight_smile: I really like the direction of Coda

Will there be more detailed analytics available? Such as which users view which pages, open which rows, edit which data?