Workspace members and doc content


I am a developer in GaspAI and I am trying to build an Coda API integration for one of our customers, but I cannot find so far a way:

  • to list all members of workspace
  • to read the content of a doc

What I have done so far:
I created a Coda account
I generated an Api Token and perform request through postman
I had as reference the docs (Coda API (v1) Reference Documentation)

Hi @George_Xydias - Welcome to the Coda community! There are two different Coda APIs:

  • Coda API - Retrieving information about an individual user’s docs.
  • Coda Admin API - Retrieving information about the entire Coda workspace.

The Admin API has an endpoint for listing the members of a workspace: listWorkspaceUsers. However the Admin API can only be used by admins and only if they are on the enterprise plan. You’ll have to check with your customer to see if they meet those criteria.

Unfortunately neither API has a direct means to view the page content of docs. The Coda API can read table data, but not the text written on the canvas.

The closest solution is to use the exportDoc endpoint of the Admin API, which can be used to export a doc to PDF, including the page content.

Let me know if you have any follow-up questions.

Hi @Eric_Koleda

Thanks for your response.

What should I do in order to use the Coda Admin Api? Is it free?
As I can see you have 4 tiers of pricing (free, pro, team, enterprise).
Which is the lowest pricing tier that gives me access to Coda Admin API ?

The Admin API is only available on the Enterprise tier, and doesn’t cost anything additional beyond the price of that tier.

Is there any free trial version so I can use the Admin API for a period of time or I can use it only by acquiring the Enterprice tier?

At the moment you can only use that API if you upgrade to the Enterprise tier.