Easier way to let consultants (like me) admin docs in clients' workspaces

Here’s some pain points that I’ve been experiencing as a Coda consultant building doc setups for various clients. Essentially there’s no way for me to join the workspace, do the job, and leave without breaking anything.

When I’m invited into a client’s workspace with my paul@codatricks.com account:

  • I cannot create new docs, otherwise a) those’d become read-only when I leave, or b) the company is forced to keep me as a maker indefinitely. I cannot transfer ownership of the doc either (or at least I couldn’t in the past if domains were different)

  • I cannot set up cross-doc connections, otherwise the API keys get generated under my account and I don’t know what happens to them when I’m removed from the workspace.

  • Minor point but I cannot remove myself from workspaces. I have to write to clients asking them to do that for me, otherwise I end up with a long long list of workspaces for clients we’ve long stopped engaging with.

So far the best practice for me and my clients was to provision a dedicated “coda admin” account whose access keys are given to whoever maintains the setup. I just do all the setup from this admin account and essentially stop signing into it whenever I leave. It’s inconvenient for me because I have to use a separate Chrome profile for it (or use Guest and sign in every time), and it’s inconvenient for Coda as well, I guess, because in the next step it’s very tempting to just demote everyone else to Editor and use the centralized admin account to do any admining.

What should be done:

  • A more flexible way to transfer doc ownership. I should be able to build the docs under any account and transfer them to anyone at the workspace.

  • A workspace-global repo of API tokens which aren’t linked to any particular user account.

  • Ideally a workspace-global account to set up any other Pack connections under, so that those aren’t linked to any particular accounts as well.

  • P.S. Oh, and a way to unsubscribe myself from all notifications from a doc with a single click!


I have exactly the same problems. Would be great to hear some official comments on this?
I think partners/consultants could be a significant driver for client growth.

Agree here as well! Experiencing the same pain points in creating documents for clients and figuring out seamless transfer of ownership

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