Using Coda for clients

I discovered Coda on the weekend and think it could be a great platform for providing visibility on projects to clients. I’d like to provide them with links to comment on projects.

Do I need to create a workspace for each client (i.e. at $10/month), or is there another way to manage this?

Hi Steven<

Welcome to Coda, and yes, I agree that i would be a great tool to visibility to your clients.

And no, you will probably only need the one workspace for yourself. And if you are the only person creating docs, it will only be $10 per month, unless you get to the stage where you need some of the functionality on the Teams plan.


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Thanks @Piet_Strydom.

If I just created one workspace but have 10 clients, is there a way of limiting which clients can view which content?

Instead of inviting clients to your workspace as a whole, share specific docs with them so they only have access to the content they need

Alternatively, you can make use of private folders and then invite clients to the folder level after which they will have access to all the docs in that folder.

But I’ve actually never shared folders. I find sharing docs specifically is more intuitive and natural


If you have info in the doc that you do not want the client to see, you can also create a crossdoc that contains only the set of info you want the client to see.


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And just to be totally clear, each doc you create is private just to you by default (no matter who else is in your workspace).

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Hey @Steven_Kryger, welcome to the Community!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • One workspace for yourself only

  • Your private doc

  • One doc per client — you’ll make a template and then copy it for each client, and share individually with each client.

  • A cross-doc mechanism to share only those rows with each doc that they respectively have access to. You can do this with the out-of-the-box Cross-doc feature but it’s tedious to set up.

    …Or you can wait a little more (a week or so) for my upcoming Advanced Doc Connections pack that will solve just that.


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