Client facing portals

I know this has been asked previously, but there have been changes to the app since.

I absolutely love Coda so far and it has been great for organizing my business. However, I do like to have a client facing portal (for websites and brand strategy), so I can share updates, tasks I need them to accomplish, and documents we use throughout (the Figma pack for example would be great).

So far, it seems like this might be a dead end for me? I am not concerned about the privacy aspect, many of the details are low security. I just would love a way to share details and easily replicate the structure of a client portal. Hopefully there is a way to make this work? :crossed_fingers: Otherwise, I understand if it might just be better to use another application, especially for this aspect of my company.

Hi Jess,

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What functionality are you missing?

“Dashboards” are very personalised topics, but here are a couple from the Coda Gallery:

Hi Piet,

I guess just understanding the best approach for creating with each new client. A dashboard is great, and maybe I can just give the editors certain permissions to allow them to have their own tasks?

So if I share a dashboard with a client, they must create an account to update things, correct? And for replicating for each new client, what is the best approach? Controls?

Many people have just said that Coda isn’t great for sharing outside of your organization (and wasn’t great for this use case), so maybe I was confused by that.

@Piet_Strydom The other struggle I am having is if I have a shared task list, is it doable to filter out tasks of others? Maybe just another view of the tasks list with only tasks related to the client?

Easiest question first…

Yes this is very doable. At the most basic level people can select their own (personal) filter criteria.

You could also create pages with unique views, that are filtered for each person.

Finally, you can give people access to these pages, OR you could create new docs and embed these pages in then. For increased security, you could use Cross-doc functionality.


I wouldn’t generically say Coda is not good to share externally. I used to have a blog in Coda, and had no problems sharing.

But it was display only. Once you allow (some) people to make changes, it becomes more involved.

For people to be able to edit, they will need an account, so that you can keep track of who changed what.

If the clients are all using the same doc, then replication does not come into it, because they are all using the same doc. (And which works well, unlike Microsoft’s products.)

However, if you create separate docs for each client, replication will depend on the way that the separate docs were created.


Coda is not set up yet to support true client portals without significant developer work.

If NoLoCo builds their coda integration, stand up of true portals will be simple and automatic

Otherwise, we can wait for full sync pages to launch! That will allow you to support client portals as well, I’ll be it with a little bit of manual work for each portal

*edit: you can set up client portals with cross doc. But it will require a good amount of manual set up per portal. So I only see that as a viable solution at lowwwe volumes.